Section Plates and Divided Plates for Kids
Section Plates, Divided Plates, TV Dinner Trays & More!

Ceramic Section Plates or Trays for Kids

Why Section Plates?

Parents love plates and trays that are divided into sections. From the time our children are toddlers these plates just make it EASIER to feed them. Why? Well, many of them are designed for kids so they do not break. They also make it easy to keep food separate because most parents know it is a catastrophe when food touches! With divided plates and trays the food can be section off into its own compartment. The main course can be separated from the side dishes, veggies, and dessert. They are easy to clean too. Heck, even adults like divided plates! This web site has a a bunch of links to the best section plates I have come across. Enjoy!

Divided Plates

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Some great things about section or divided plates:

  • Makes meal time fun!
  • Encourages healthier eating.
  • Keeps food separate.
  • Makes using leftovers a snap!
  • Makes kids WANT to eat!

Hot Product: The Ultimate Divided Lunchbox!

The Laptop Lunchbox is my preferred lunchbox for kids. It is made of safe, non-leaching plastics and it is a durable lunchbox that can be used for many years. The compartments make it easy to pack delicious, nutritious lunches every day. It is easy to clean and easy to use. You can buy it with a matching carrying bag and water bottle too! This bento lunchbox is my top pick! I like the black and red combo...

Laptop Lunchbox System

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Section Plates and Divided Trays

BPA or Bisphenol A is a hormone mimicking chemical found in many types of plastic. It is linked to cancer and obesity so it has no place in children's products. Make sure to look for plates that have no BPA in it!

Fresh Baby Divided Tray Lunch Box

Fresh baby Lunch Box and tray 

VERY cool! The Fresh Baby stainless steel baby bowl/tray is perfect for baby food, cereal, soup, or snacks! The double body construction separates for easy cleaning, keeps food warm and cool longer, and keeps the outside shell from ever getting too hot. The airtight lid is spill-proof and keeps food fresh so you can stick in the frig if your little one can't finish their food. Dishwasher safe (top rack). BPA, Lead, Melamine, and Phalate-Free.

Available at:

Tupperware Divided Dish Set

Divided dish set for toddlers

Goes from refrigerator to microwave to table in minutes. Removable Easy-Grip Handle. Features a comfortable resting spot for your thumb, making it easier to hold Divided Dish while feeding baby. Unique design curves over the top of the Divided Dish, making it easy to scoop up food onto a spoon. Virtually liquid-tight seal offers superior storage and makes it easy to transport foods. Set of 2.

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Dr. Sears Pineapple Section Plate for Snacks:

Pineapple Section Plates

Dr. Sears nibble tray from zak designs promotes Dr. sears philosophy of shaping young tastes. Nibbling on fresh, healthy mini-meals helps children (and parents) learn that they don't have to stuff themselves to be satisfied. Children learn that by working with their natural digestive system, they are happier, healthier, and smarter.

 Available at:

Fondue Plates:

Fondue Plates 

  • Set of four white plates
  • Plates are 9 inches in diameter
  • Four small sections and one large to keep bread, veggies, meat and fruit organized
  • Large section holds raclette dish for easy dipping


Available at:

Also comes in an black

Dr. Brown's Designed To Nourish Divided Plates

Dr. Brown Divided tray Plates  

Dr. Brown's Designed to Nourish system will help you to create nutritious beginnings. These gorgeous and colorful divided plates have curved sides for easy feeding which is perfect size for toddler portions and it comes with a non-skid base so the plates stays put. Nutritionist and mom designed to promote healthy habits and the food doesn't touch!

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See also the Matching Bowls 

Skip Hop Divided Tray & Plate

Skip Hop Divided Tray

Stay-put mat and plate is beautifully designed, very attractive, and safer for children. The plastics used have no PVC, phthalates, or BPA. It is a table setting that stays in place, which is a great idea for toddlers. It has a divided plate in the middle so that foods need not touch if you have picky eaters. The fork and spoon neatly attach to the mat so that they won’t get lost in the shuffle and the whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning. In fact if you need to remove the plate to fill it with food they are left to look at an adorable happy face on the mat.

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Interlocking Plate and Bowl Set

Boon sectioned plate and bowl 

  • Four compartments keep food separated
  • Two small bowls, perfect for dipping sauces or small portions
  • Place bowls anywhere on edge of plate
  • Fun, customizable configuration
  • Scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe materials
  • Slip-resistant base


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Cordon Bleu 12-Inch TV Dinner Trays 

TV Dinner Tray

Set of 2 12-inch TV dinner trays. Tray will hold your main dish, a dessert, and two sides. Retro charm and simple form make a fun addition to your table. Made of durable white porcelain and stoneware. They look just like the classic TV dinner trays from days past.

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Green Eats TV Dinner Tray

Green Eats Dinner Tray 

Green Eats products are lovely in design, practical, and also eco friendly! They are made from recycled milk jugs and give what would be garbage a new and more useful life. These roomy trays are perfect for mealtimes and you can also get a plate size. Colors are green, orange, blue, and yellow.

Available at:


Stainless Steel Mess Tray

  • Stainless Steel
  • 6 Compartments
  • Just like old school lunch trays
  • Non-toxic

Stainless Steel Lunch Tray 

Available at:

Plastic version is a available too!

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